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Ever since I accidentally swallowed a keyboard button as a child, I knew that software development was a part of me.


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My most recent clients

  • Zoopla

    Senior Full Stack (Backend) Engineer - Contract

    OCT 2021 – PRESENT

    Led a major reimplementation of the Sold House Prices functionality, reducing price updates from 30 days to 24 hours by utilising the AWS Accept, Queue and Process design pattern

    Migrated a legacy monolith email alerts system into 3 event-driven microservices, improving the efficiency of scaling horizontally at peak processing times

    Developed serverless APIs to integrate with third-party real-estate agents, allowing for instant ingestion of property status updates using AWS Lambda and EventBridge

    Key technologies: TypeScript, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, S3

  • Superdry

    Senior Full Stack (Backend) Engineer - Contract

    APR 2021 – OCT 2021

    Led a major internal refactor of APIs using Serverless with API Gateway request validations via Swagger/OpenAPI Specifications

    Delivered a migration project of 21 legacy websites into event-driven microservices, using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, S3 and API Gateway

    Built and maintained CI/CD pipelines to ensure system resilience and performance at scale, allowing for integration tests to run on the real AWS environment

    Key technologies: TypeScript, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, S3

  • Cinch

    Senior Full Stack (Backend) Engineer - Contract

    JAN 2021 – APR 2021

    Migrated backend systems into microservices using DynamoDB, SQS and API Gateway

    Led the development of an asynchronous vehicle tracking system using AWS EventBridge

    Reduced platform's test running time by 60% by reducing dependencies and build times

    Developed internal tools used to manage vehicles: photos, metadata, returns and price reductions

    Introduced CloudWatch Dashboards and alerts to allow for performance monitoring

    Developed serverless APIs to manage third-party vehicles, resulting in ~120% stock increase

    Key technologies: TypeScript, NodeJS, AWS, DynamoDB, EventBridge, API Gateway, SQS

  • Discovery

    Senior Full Stack (Frontend) Engineer - Contract

    JUL 2020 – JAN 2021

    Launched Discovery+ to an active audience of 1m+ users across the Nordics, Japan and the UK

    Overhauled key customer journeys using React 16.10 to build an atomic design component library

    Spearheaded development of frontend and backend services, with exposure to all layers of application and development, across multifunctional teams of UX, QA and developers

    Improved performance by ~40% - debugging slow components and utilising lazy rendering

    Increased test coverage to 90% using Jest with snapshot testing, Enzyme and Storybook

    Directed agile sessions, specifying stakeholder requirements and standardised code reviews

    Key technologies: TypeScript, React, NodeJS, Redux, Jest, Enzyme

  • Financial Times

    Senior Full Stack (Backend/Frontend) Engineer - Contract

    JUL 2018 – JUL 2020

    Orchestrated core-API refactors used to send 2m+/day business-critical emails and breaking news

    Implemented authenticated, RESTful and highly scalable APIs in NodeJS and MongoDB

    Designed a reusable component library in TypeScript, React 16.8 and Redux

    Engineered an end-to-end testing framework across the full platform (20+ APIs, 5 UI Clients), ensuring breaking changes are blocked from being released, using Docker and CircleCI (Orbs)

    Reduced platform's flaky test occurrences by 90% by improving tests and reducing dependencies

    Coached and mentored junior developers to extend technical knowledge of core technologies

    Revamped the analytics system to track email sends and open rates using NodeJS and React

    Key technologies: JavaScript, Docker, Heroku, NodeJS, React, Redux, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

  • BBC

    Senior Full Stack (Frontend) Engineer - Contract

    JAN 2018 – JUL 2018

    Launched BBC Sounds, with 2.9m+/week active users using React, NodeJS and Redux

    Integrated recommendation engines to customise user experienced and content discovery

    Created a composable component library using atomic design for consistent platform layouts

    Reduced manual testing by 80% by mentoring QA engineers to introduce an automated test framework and integrating it into CI/CD (CirlceCI)

    Achieved a 92% test coverage by using TDD and BDD using Mocha, Chai, Enzyme and Gherkin

    Integrated the A/B testing and analytics to generate insightful business impact reports

    Improved mobile performance by 20% by implementing GraphQL APIs to reduce data fetching

    Key technologies: AWS, React, NodeJS, CircleCI, GraphQL, Redux, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB

  • Causeway

    Senior Full Stack (Backend) Engineer - Contract

    FEB 2017 – JAN 2018

    Built a framework to allow Fortune 500 customers businesses to connect their APIs across all their disciplines, generating a £5m+/month revenue

    Team lead in API development in Ruby on Rails and NodeJS (ES6, NodeJS 8, Promises, Streams)

    Mentoring and training developers to improve technical knowledge in JavaScript and Ruby on Rails

    Simplified product integration by packaging portable software using Docker, RabbitMQ, MongoDB and NodeJS, reducing integration time from 1½ days to 15 minutes

    Reduced developer onboarding by 30% by introducing a documentation afternoon once a fortnight

    Key technologies: MongoDB, RabbitMQ, MySQL, AWS, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, CircleCI, Docker

  • TotalJobs

    Senior Full Stack (Backend/Frontend) Engineer

    FEB 2016 – FEB 2017

    Delivered an Identity Resolution Platform to web scrape 10m+ resume data and merging them with structured and natural language processing APIs using NodeJS, AWS, RabbitMQ and PostgreSQL

    Setup a highly customisable build pipeline leveraging Jenkins, Docker and NodeJS

    Managed multiple product hackathons to explore analyse trade-offs between technologies

    Mentored junior developers in in Object-Oriented, Functional Programming and Web Development using various technologies, most notably NodeJS and Ruby on Rails

    Key technologies: NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL

  • PhotoBox

    Senior Full Stack (Backend) Engineer

    JUL 2015 – FEB 2016

    Integrated BrainTree’s new payment system, processing £1m+/week in Christmas period

    Rewrote a Ruby on Rails monolith into reliable, RabbitMQ-driven NodeJS microservices

    Introduced fullstack microservices and backend APIs in NodeJS and Ruby on Rails

    Engineered the new Sticky9.com checkout system with Ruby on Rails, React and PostgreSQL

    Eliminated traffic-related outages by enabling autoscaling of web servers and queue workers

    Key technologies: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Sidekiq

  • Simply Business

    Ruby on Rails Developer

    FEB 2015 – JUL 2015

    Developed a financial tracking system as an input to product recommendation engines using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and AWS (EC2, SQS), tracking 100k+/day user events

    Organised and led weekly agile sessions and working lunches to advocate TDD practices using RSpec, Cucumber and pair programming

    Key technologies: Ruby on Rails, AWS (EC2, SQS), Slack Bots, RSpec, Cucumber

  • City University London

    Ruby on Rails Developer

    JAN 2014 – FEB 2015

  • Velti

    Ruby on Rails Developer

    APR 2012 – JUN 2014

  • Zaggora.com

    Consultant Software Engineer

    JAN 2012 – APR 2012

  • Hackney Council

    Application Developer

    FEB 2011 – JAN 2012

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A small selection of the technologies I 😍

TypeScript • NodeJS • React • Redux

AWS Lambda • DynamoDB • EventBridge

JavaScript • CSS • GraphQL

Mocha • Jest • Chai • CircleCI

MongoDB • Redis • RabbitMQ • Docker


Software Engineering 86.0%
Programming in Java 91.4%
Mathematics for Computing 93.4%
Computation & Reasoning 98.6%
Business Systems 92.0%
Systems Architecture 86.8%


Data Structures & Algorithms 93.2%
Network & Operating Systems 99.7%
Programming in C++ 97.6%
Object-Oriented Design 95.5%
Work Based Project 97.0%
Games Technology 90.6%
Professional Development 90.7%


Dissertation 84.0%
Advanced Databases 92.5%
Electronic Commerce 91.5%
Professional Experience 86.0%
Artificial Intelligence 85.5%
Advanced Games Technology 85.5%
Introduction to Data Mining 86.0%


Ranked number 1 across university
First Class


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